No need to wave…I saw you all day.

June 23, 2009

It never fails that each day as I leave work at the 5 pm official dismissal, I am bombarded with waves goodbye from my co-workers. These waves never seem to cease until I acknowledge them, wave back and say something like “see you tomorrow” or “have a good night.” Even when I’m in my car, pulling out of our parking lot, the waves continue from car to car. Sometimes, holding up the traffic exiting the lot. Okay enough is enough. Why are we remaining so cordial and kind? We all know we just want to get the hell out of here and into our homes so that we can cry, get drunk, drugged, obsessively eat, gamble, exercise, or surf the web for porn. Anything to escape the soul-crushing reality that we have to do this all over again tomorrow.

So please, don’t hold up my time getting out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow so save your wave and please get out of my way.


One Response to “No need to wave…I saw you all day.”

  1. Leiandra Says:

    I always sneak out as best I can… even if I’m leaving totally late or whatever. It’s just my M.O. But I get this in the morning. If I don’t say “hello” to a number of my co-workers, they feel that it’s they’re personal mission of the day to talk with me to make sure I’m in a good mood. “You want to know why your request is late? ‘Cause you came over and blabbed at me for 2 hours trying to cheer me up.” I’m just saying.

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