Eating at your desk…

April 9, 2009

It never fails that every time I decide to eat lunch at my desk one of my coworkers will walk up to me and want to smell my lunch.  They usually approach with their noses leading the way and say, “Yum, that smells good. What is it?” while they lean over my food and invade my personal space.  I can’t understand the curiosity since what I’m eating is never interesting or even tasty for that matter. I usually eat Lean Cuisines or Healthy Choice lunches at my desk and we all know how delicious those are. But despite dining on pre-packaged frozen garbage, my coworkers can’t help but peak in my cube and breath in its microwaved aroma. And their curiosity only depresses me more because it conjures up memories of a simpler and skinnier time when I could go out for lunch and eat normal food like sandwiches, tacos and pizza without having to worry about the extra pounds and chins this type of food will cause. And their disturbance also forces me back to the work day reality that it’s only lunch time and that I’m stuck in my cube for another 5 long hours.

Maybe I'd rather just be fat.

Maybe I'd rather just be fat.


One Response to “Eating at your desk…”

  1. leiandra Says:

    I try to get out of the office for lunch. Even if it’s just to go eat lunch in the cafeteria or outside, or to sleep in my car. On days that I have too much stuff to do, I generally wear headphones so that I don’t have to talk to people if I don’t want to. Sure, I see them, but if my headphones are on, I can’t hear you, so it’s easy to ignore. (They’re the semi-big headphones that completely cover the ears.)

    Oh, and I don’t always have music playing. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone. 🙂

    Also… I try to take lunch as late as possible, so that hopefully, I only have a few hours left when I get back from lunch. Certainly never 5.

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